Virginia USA Wrestling Cadet/Junior
State Wrestling Tournament
Hermitage H.S. May 18-20, 2001

Junior Greco
Junior Freestyle
Cadet Greco
Cadet Freestyle

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Team Standings: 1. Liberty Mat Club; 2. Hawkeye East.
Outstanding Wrestler: P.J. Worosz, Liberty
Sportsmanship Award: Christian Smith, Western Branch 

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 Lamont Watkins (Liberty Mat Club) gets good position. Watkins body lifts Gunston's Eric Amstutz.  Watkins won by tech fall West Fairfax's Mike Olem ties up with Gunston's Jochen Granja.  Olem won 3-2. Liberty Mat Club's David Friedman rolls opponent Robert Marcaioni (Chesterfield). Typically, Phil Cronin starts off the tournament confused. Shenandoah's Richie Pariseault ties up with Lamar Watson of Massanutten.
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Hawkeye East's Daniel Crockett goes with Panther's Jay Butsavage. Hawkeye East's Daniel Brewer headlocks Deep Creek's Keith Lovely. Brewer and Lovely still battling. Lovely ends up getting the upper hand.  Winning by fall. Grundy's Tyde Prater gets low on Massanutten's Kenault Lawrence Prater lifts Lawrence in the air.  Prater won by tech fall.
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Panther Mat Club's offseason diet. Hawkeye East's Jason Huff working from the referee's position on Deep Creek's John Adams Its Greco, so Huff and Adams go upperbody. Referee Ray Broughman raises the hand of Huff, the winner by tech fall. Hawkeye East's Cory Ryan and Great Neck's Guy Priest square off. Priest with good position.  Ryan won the bout.
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Panther's David Courtney ties up. Panther's Tommy Arnall wrestles with Deep Creek WC's Ram McDonnell.  McDonnell won. Great Neck's Joe Morrison hits a "gator roll" on Hylton's Stephen Ball.  Morrison won by tech. Although slightly blurry, Great Neck Coach Corey Williams gets his point across to Morrison. Gunston's Hame Hieder and Talon's Jimmy LaFarr battle at 98 pounds. Riverhead's Adam Gregory scores a fall.  Picture a bit blurry.  My bad.
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Lamont Watkins goes with Doug Kittell of the Raptors.  Kitell won by decision. Grundy's Tyde Prater scores an early round pin. Greco Championship: Prater ties up with PWA's Brian Stith. Stith in control par terre.  Stith won 4-1. Phil Cronin and David Friedman of Liberty watch intently in the 165 pound class. Hawkeye East's Kevin Dresser and Daryl Weber are a bit more relaxed.
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165 Greco Finals: Liberty's P.J. Worosz battles with Hawkeye East's Jason Huff. Huff was leading before a big throw late in the match scored a touch fall for Worosz and a Greco Title.
Junior Greco Results
1. Jarrel Adams (Eastern District WC)
2. Hamed Heider (Gunston)
3. Jimmy LaFarr (Talon)
Adams tech fall LaFarr 10-0.
Heider inj. def. LaFarr.
Adams pin Heider :07.

1. Christian Smith (Western Branch)
2. Caleb Lesnoff (Massanutten)
3. Jordan Adams (Eastern District WC)
Smith pin Will Pascarella (Liberty) :42.
Lesnoff pin Adams 4:05.
Smith tech fall Lesnoff 10-0.
Adams pin Pascarella 4:35.
Smith tech fall Adams 11-1.

1. Justin Shoemaker (Fort Defiance)
2. Johnny Gallagher (West Fairfax)
Shoemaker dec. Gallahger 10-8.

Finals: Doug Kittell (Raptors) tech fall David Friedman (Liberty) 13-3.
3rd Place: Lamont Watkins (Liberty) dec. Mike Olem (West Fairfax) 10-7.
5th Place: Eric Amstutz (Gunston) dec. Mike Boyd (Massanutten) 8-0.
David Smith (Rock Hard) tech fall Kyle Vansice (Massanutten) 10-0.
Kittell tech fall Matt Nieves (West Fairfax) 11-0.
Watkins tech fall Amstutz 10-0.
Steven Colpo dec. James Wheeler (Bayside) 17-10.
Mike Henderson (PWA) tech fall Boyd 12-1.
Friedman tech fall Macaioni (Chesterfield) 10-0.
Mike Olem (West Fairfax) dec. Jochen Granja (Gunston) 3-2.
Vansice tech fall Nieves 10-0.
Kittell tech fall Smith 10-0.
Watkins tech fall Wheeler 10-0.
Amstutz pin Colpo 4:35.
Boyd pin Aaron Pasasin (Liberty) 1:50.
Macaioni dec. Henderson 16-15.
Friedman pin Granja 2:16.
Kittell tech fall Vansice 11-0.
Amstutz tech fall Smith 12-2.
Watkins tech fall Colpo 10-0.
Boyd pin Macaioni 1:15.
Friedman tech fall Henderson 12-0.
Olem tech fall Pasasin 12-0.
Kittell dec. Watkins 13-4.
Kittell tech fall Amstutz 10-0.
Olem dec. Boyd 11-2.
Friedman tech fall Olem 12-1.
Friedman tech fall Boyd 10-0.

Finals:  Richie Pariseault (Shenandoah) dec. Chris Buckner (Deep Creek) 10-5.
3rd Place: Sam Yousef (Liberty) tech fall Lamar Watson (Massanutten) 12-1.
5th Place: Keith Lovely (Deep Creek) default Alex Mikula (Gunston).
Buckner tech fall Yousef 11-1.
Mikula dec. Tyler Rogers (Clover Hill) 9-0.
Buckner pin David Moxley (Princess Anne) :09.
Yousef tech fall Rogers 12-0.
Buckner tech fall Mikula 10-0.
Yousef pin Moxley 2:40.
Pariseault tech fall Watson 16-6.
Lovely pin Daniel Brewer (Hawkeye East) 4:52.
Watson tech fall Brewer 13-2.
Pariseault pin Lovely 1:35.
Yousef tech fall Mikula 11-0.
Watson dec. Lovely 12-7.

Finals: Brian Stith (PWA) dec. Tyde Prater (Grundy) 4-1.
3rd Place: David Metzler (Shenandoah) pin Eric Colpo (Clover Hill) 1:15.
5th Place: Grant Ryder (Gunston) default Cory Ryan (Hawkeye East)
Colpo tech fall Jacob Fox (Great Neck) 11-0.
Stith tech fall Ryder 11-0.
Colpo tech fall Jon DiVello (West Fairfax) 12-0.
Ryder tech fall Fox 10-0.
Colpo tech fall Ryder 12-2.
Stith default DiVello.
Stith pin Colpo :11
Ryan tech fall Guy Priest (Great Neck) 11-0.
Prater tech fall Kenault Lawrence (Massanutten) 11-0.
Metzler pin Priest :35.
Ryan tech fall Lawrence 17-5.
Prater pin Metzler :53.
Prater tech fall Ryan 11-0.

Finals: Jake Stacy (Grundy) dec. David Courtney (Panther) 6-4.
3rd Place: John Koch (West Fairfax) pin Michael Murray (Massanutten) 1:00.
5th Place: Chis Meadows (Gunston) default Jason Thompson (Panther).
Koch pin David Siegel (Gunston) :33.
Stacy tech fall Thompson 13-2.
Koch pin Thompson 1:45.
Stacy dec. Koch 6-5, OT.
Murray pin Meadows 1:30.
Courtney pin Meadows 1:07.
Courtney tech fall Murray 11-0.

Finals: P.J. Worosz (Liberty Mat Club) pin Jason Huff (Hawkeye East) 4:38.
3rd Place:  Mike Vachon (Gunston) pin John Adams (Deep Creek) 4:58.
5th Place: Jacob Lauder (Massanutten) tech fall Jason Barr (Massanutten) 16-6.
Lauder pin Steve Crump (West Fairfax) 2:23.
Huff tech fall Adams 14-3.
Huff tech fall Lauder 10-0.
Adams pin Crump :50
Vachon dec. Barr 11-3.
Worosz tech fall Vachon 11-1.
Worosz tech fall Barr 11-1.

1. Chris Pogue (Deep Creek)
2. Aaron Young (Grundy)
3. Ram McDonnell (Deep Creek)
McDonnell dec. Tommy Arnall (Panther) 11-2.
Pogue pin Ed Watkins (Liberty) 1:52.
Young dec. McDonnell 7-4.
Watkins tech fall Arnall 10-0.
McDonnell dec. Watkins 10-4.
Pogue pin Young 4:14.
Pogue tech fall McDonnell 10-0.

Finals: Daniel Crockett (Hawkeye East) pin Steve Lichliter (Massanutten) 2:00.
3rd Place: Anthony Boyd (Hawkeye East) pin Jay Butsavage (Panther) 2:30.
5th Place: Tyler Penn (West Fairfax) dec. Leonid Soubbutin (West Fairfax) 8-6.
Crockett pin Butsavage 4:55.
Penn dec. Kaleel Baron (Bayside) 9-5.
Crockett pin Baron 1:17.
Butsavage tech fall Penn 10-0.
Lichliter pin Boyd :43.
Boyd pin Soubbutin :55.
Lichliter pin Soubbutin 2:32.
Crockett tech fall Penn 10-0.

1. David Clarke (Hawkeye East)

1. Jefferson Hackett (Liberty Mat Club)
2. Adam Gregory (Riverheads)
3. Joe Morrison (Great Neck)


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