Virginia USA Wrestling Cadet/Junior
State Wrestling Tournament
Hermitage H.S. May 18-20, 2001

Junior Greco
Junior Freestyle
Cadet Greco
Cadet Freestyle

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Team Standings: 1. Great Bridge; 2. Hawkeye East
Outstanding Wrestler: Brian Stith, PWA
Sportsmanship Award:

watersprebish.jpg (38235 bytes) clinicbefore.jpg (39116 bytes) metzgergrub.jpg (36759 bytes) amstutzross.jpg (36869 bytes) amstutzrossagain.jpg (36118 bytes) pariseaultdouble.jpg (37432 bytes)
Fort Defiance Coach Terry Waters and Rob Prebish. Bob Wood demonstrates before the start of Junior Freestyle. Ed Metzger...Chow time. Eric Amstutz lacing Bruce Ross. Ross and Amstutz square off.  Ross won by tech fall. Richie Pariseault drops on the double.
martintouche.jpg (36181 bytes) stithcover.jpg (37215 bytes) lowsingle.jpg (35849 bytes) lockitup.jpg (35880 bytes) 2001lowgut.jpg (36943 bytes) 2001martingut.jpg (35333 bytes)
Michael Martin with a TOUCHE! Brian Stith covering for the fall. Going low.. ..Locking up... ...trying the gut... Martin using a high gut.
2001smithstaylor1.jpg (36648 bytes) 2001smithstaylor2.jpg (37660 bytes) 2001smithstaylor3.jpg (39171 bytes) 2001smithstaylor4.jpg (35998 bytes) 2001shoemaker.jpg (35735 bytes) 2001shoemakergut.jpg (36983 bytes)
Christian Smith and Justin Staylor await the whistle. Smith in control early.... ....and often. Smith Working the cradle.  Smith won by fall. Fort Definace's Justin Shoemaker. Shoemaker starting to score.
2001amrozresto.jpg (39672 bytes) 2001lesnoffadams.jpg (37386 bytes) 2001musawheeler.jpg (35911 bytes) 2001dashiellprater3.jpg (37380 bytes) 2001dashiellprater4.jpg (37608 bytes) 2001martinthrowresult.jpg (36570 bytes)
Micah Amrozowicz registers a quick fall over Gabe Resto. Caleb Lesnoff of Massanutten in a tangle with Booker T.'s Jordan Adams. Musa Lone and James Wheeler in a beach battle. Great Bridge's David Dashiell ties up with Grundy's Canaan Prater. Dashiell with a throw by.  Dashiell won 6-0. Martin's end result of a throw.
2001wheelervansice2.jpg (38953 bytes) 2001wheelervansice3.jpg (38933 bytes) 2001woroszlift.jpg (37416 bytes) 2001lichliterboyd.jpg (37815 bytes) 2001frontheadlock.jpg (37914 bytes) 2001poguelace.jpg (36879 bytes)
Wheeler working on Massanutten's Kyle VanSice. Wheeler won by fall. P.J. Worosz with the big lift. Steve Lichliter of Masanutten scores a win by fall over Anthony Boyd of Hawkeye East. The snap down to a front headlock. Chris Pogue working a leg-lace  on club teammate Ram McDonnell.
2001staylorkittell2.jpg (36602 bytes) 2001staylorkittell3.jpg (34688 bytes) 2001staylorkittell4.jpg (34536 bytes) 2001staylorkittell5.jpg (35272 bytes) 2001staylorkittell7.jpg (35469 bytes) 2001staylorcoaches.jpg (36309 bytes)
Christian Staylor vs. Doug Kittell of the Raptors. Staylor and Kittell start off... Staylor with the takedown... ....and the bow & arrow... ...and getting in deep. Staylor confers with coaches Martin and Smtih.
2001tass.jpg (38671 bytes) 2001clarkepraterclinch.jpg (35666 bytes) 2001stithryder.jpg (37324 bytes)
Grundy's Tass Robertson kickin' back. David Clarke and Canaan Prater into the clinch. Brian Stith and Grant Ryder face off.

Junior Freestyle
1. Hamed Heider (Gunston)
2. Jarrel Adams (Eastern District WC)
Heider dec. Adams 12-10.

1. Christian Smith (Western Branch)
2. John Erickson (Kempsville)
3. Justin Staylor (Great Bridge)
Smith pin Staylor 1:20.
Erickson pin Pascarella (Liberty) :19.
Caleb Lesnoff (Massanutten) pin Jordan Adams (Eastern District) 5:18.
Smith tech fall Ryan Broughman (Botetourt) 11-0.
Staylor tech fall Pascarella 11-0.
Erickson tech fall Lesnoff 10-0.
Smith dec. Erickson 8-4.
Staylor pin Lesnoff 1:35.
Broughman tech fall Adams 11-0.
Staylor dec. Broughman 12-11.
Erickson pin Staylor :40.

1. Justin Shoemaker (Fort Defiance)
2. Johnny Gallagher (West Fairfax)
3. Scott Bennett (Talon)
Gallagher tech fall J.C. Curry (Fort Defiance) 10-0.
Shoemaker tech fall Bennett 12-0.
Shoemaker tech fall Curry 10-0.
Gallagher tech fall Bennett 13-3.
Shoemaker pin Gallagher 2:30.

Finals: Christian Staylor (Great Bridge) tech fall Doug Kittell (Raptors) 13-3.
3rd Place: Micah Amrozowicz (Kellam) med. default Lamont Watkins (Liberty).
5th Place: Bruce Ross (Raptors) default Musa Lone (Kellam)
Digger Elliott (Great Bridge) pin Brandon Stanberg (Heritage) 2:03.
Watkins tech fall Matt Nieves (West Fairfax) 10-0.
David Smith (Rock Hard) default Rob Macaioni (Clover Hill).
Kittell tech fall Aaron Pasasin (Liberty) 11-0.
James Wheeler (Bayside) default Jochen Granja (Gunston).
Lone pin Kyle Vansice (Massanutten) 2:15.
Stanberg dec. Nieves 10-2.
Watkins tech fall Elliott 14-4.
Kittell tech fall Smith 16-5.
Vansice tech fall Pasasin 10-0.
Lone dec. Wheeler 8-7.
Watkins pin Stanberg 1:02.
Elliott tech fall Smith 13-3.
Kittell pin Lone :40.
Wheeler pin Vansice 2:45.
Kittell dec. Elliott 16-10.
Watkins dec. Wheeler 18-11.
Watkins dec. Lone 11-4.
Kittell pin Watkins 2:10.
Mike Henderson (PWA) dec. Alberth Pietro Cabrerra (Top of the World) 18-11.
Ross tech fall Eric Amstutz (Gunston) 18-8.
Mike Olem (West Fairfax) default Steven Colpo (Clover Hill).
Staylor tech fall Vinh Pham (Brookville) 10-0.
Gabe Resto (Gunston) dec. David Friedman (Liberty) 4-3.
Amrozowicz tech fall Mike Boyd (Massanutten) 10-0.
Ross tech fall Henderon 14-3.
Amstutz tech fall Cabrerra 12-2.
Staylor tech fall Olem 10-0.
Friedman tech fall Pham 11-0.
Amrozowicz pin Resto :25.
Henderson pin Boyd 2:38.
Amrozowicz dec. Ross 4-2.
Amstutz dec. Henderson 9-8.
Staylor tech fall Ross 13-2.
Amrozowicz dec. Amstutz 7-3.
Staylor tech fall Amrozowicz 10-0.

Finals: Michael Martin (Great Bridge) dec. Chris Buckner (Deep Creek) 10-6.
3rd Place: Richie Pariseault (Shenandoah) pin Brad Argabright (Bonsack WC) 1:40.
5th Place: Keith Lovely (Deep Creek) dec. Joe Thompson (Bonsack) 8-7, OT.
Argabright tech fall Daniel Brewer (Hawkeye East) 11-0.
Lovely dec. Carlos Palacios (Gunston) 7-0.
Martin pin Chris Hornberger (Matoaca) :10.
Adam Simons (Brookville) tech fall Josh Booker (Crossface) 17-6.
Argabright pin Palacios 1:15.
Lovely tech fall Brewer 10-0.
Booker tech fall Hornberger 15-5.
Martin tech fall Simons 10-0.
Argabright dec. Lovely 9-2.
Martin tech fall Booker 11-0.
Argabright tech fall Simons 13-3.
Martin tech fall Lovely 10-0.
Buckner pin Thompson 1:02.
Alex Mikula (Gunston) pin Lamar Watson (Massanutten) 4:55.
Pariseault tech fall Yousef 12-1.
Thompson pin Tyler Rogers (Clover Hill) 1:09.
Buckner tech fall Watson 12-0.
Pariseault tech fall Mikula 10-0.
Yousef tech fall Rogers 11-1.
Buckner pin Pariseault 5:35.
Thompson tech fall Mikula 10-0.
Buckner pin Yousef 1:27.
Pariseault tech fall Thompson 10-0.

Finals: Brian Stith (PWA) tech fall David Metzler (Shenandoah) 10-0.
3rd Place: Grant Ryder (Gunston) dec. Nick Pullano (Great Bridge) 11-8.
5th Place: Mike Davis (West Fairfax) default Cory Ryan (Hawkeye East).
Stith pin Jacob Fox (Great Neck) :55.
Davis dec. Kenault Lawrence (Massanutten) 5-4, OT.
Metzler pin Guy Priest (Great Neck) 2:55.
Pullano tech fall Juan Gamboa (Top of the World) 15-4.
Ryder pin Fox 1:30.
Stith pin Davis 1:10.
Ryan dec. Priest 7-2.
Metzler pin Gamboa 1:35.
Stith pin Lawrence 1:17.
Ryder pin Davis 4:50.
Stith tech fall Ryder 13-2.
Pullano dec. Ryan 8-7.
Metzler pin Pullano 1:35.
Metzler dec. Ryan 6-2.

Finals: Jake Stacy (Grundy) pin David Courtney (Panther) :23.
3rd Place: Jon Koch (West Fairfax) dec. Andrew Marfull (Gunston) 12-7.
5th Place: Seth Blochowitz (Raptors) default Joel McClellan (Douglas Freeman).
Koch tech fall Brian Weimerskirch (Blacksburg) 11-0.
Courtney pin Mike Murray (Massanutten) 1:50.
McClellan pin Chris Meadows (Gunston) 1:25.
Stacy dec. Marfull 10-5.
Blochowitz pin Jason Thompson (Panther) 2:00.
Koch t ech fall Murray 12-2.
Weimerskirch pin Meadows 1:30.
Courtney tech fall McClellan 10-0.
Stacy tech fall David Siegal (Gunston) 11-0.
Marfull dec. Blochowitz 14-7.
Courtney dec. Koch 14-6.
McClellan dec. Weimerskirch 8-7.
Stacy tech fall Thompson 11-0.
Marfull pin Siegel 1:40.
Koch tech fall McClellan 11-0.
Stacy tech fall Blochowitz 10-0.

Finals: John Adams (Deep Creek) tech fall Jason Huff (Hawkeye East) 16-5.
3rd Place: Michael Vachon (Gunston) dec. Jason Barr (Massanutten) 12-6.
5th Place: Jacob Lauder (Massanutten) tech fall P.J. Worosz (Liberty) 13-3.
Lauder tech fall Chris Thomason (Southeast WC) 10-0.
Adams tech fall Tripp Miller (Kempsville) 11-0.
Vachon tech fall David Howard (Booker T.) 12-1.
Barr pin Scott Smith (West Fairfax) 3:45.
Huff pin Nick Curcic (Crossface) :30.
Miller dec. Thomason 15-8.
Vachon pin Lauder 2:55.
Adams pin Howard 1:45.
Worosz tech fall Smith 15-4.
Huff tech fall Barr 11-0.
Lauder pin Miller :30.
Adams tech fall Vachon 14-2.
Barr tech fall Curcic 11-1.
Huff tech fall Worosz 10-0.
Adams pin Lauder 2:15.
Barr dec. Worosz 7-3.

1. Chris Pogue (Deep Creek)
2. Mike Belew (Great Bridge)
3. Tommy Arnall (Panther)
Belew dec. Arnall 11-3.
Pogue tech fall Ram McDonnell (Deep Creek) 12-1.
Arnall pin Aaron Young (Grundy) 2:37.
Belew dec. McDonnell 16-7.
Pogue pin Arnall 1:02.
Belew tech fall Young 11-0.
Pogue dec. Belew 9-8.

1. Daniel Crockett (Hawkeye East)
2. Ed Watkins (Liberty)
3. Steve Lichliter (Massanutten)
Crockett pin Jay Butsavage (Panther)
Watkins tech fall Tyler Penn (West Fairfax) 16-5.
Lichliter pin Anthony Boyd (Hawkeye East) 4:50.
Crockett tech fall Leo Soubbotin (West Fairfax) 12-2.
Watkins pin Butsavage 1:03.
Boyd tech fall Penn 10-0.
Crockett dec. Watkins 7-6.
Lichliter dec. Soubbotin 10-4.
Crockett default Boyd.
Watkins tech fall Lichliter 10-0.
Crockett trech fall Lichliter 13-1.

1. David Dashiell (Great Bridge)
2. David Clarke (Hawkeye East)
3. Canaan Prater (Grundy)
Dashiell dec. Prater 6-0.
Dashiell dec. Clarke 5-3.
Clarke dec. Prater 9-3.

1. Brian Yannetti (Great Bridge)
2. Grant Maxfield (Liberty)
3. Adam Gregory (Riverheads)
Gregory pin Joe Morrison (Great Neck) 2:07.
Jefferson Hackett (Liberty) dec. Yegor Sukhorukov 3-0.
Grant Maxfield (Liberty) default Ehson Bassam (Gunston)
Yannetti pin Gregory 5:49.
Hackett pin Morrison 2:45.
Maxfield pin Sukhorukov 1:05.
Gregory dec. Maxfield 2-1.
Yannetti pin Hackett 4:40.
Gregory default Hackett.
Maxfield dec. Yannetti 3-1.

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