The College Sports Council (CSC), a national organization of coaching associations and athletic groups, has launched a new web page designed to educate and organize the public concerning Title IX reform. provides educational materials, news clippings and activism opportunities for citizens interested in the Title IX issue. You may visit this new web site at:

"This site is sponsored by the College Sports Council and is a great education and support resource for those who want to stop the senseless destruction of sports opportunities," said Leo Kocher, President of the College Sports Council. "Every person can help by registering and when they are ready, taking some of the simple actions outlined on the site that will help inform the public."

The organizations that are CSC members include: the College Gymnastics Association, the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, the National Wrestling Coaches Association, the Golf Coaches Association of America and the United States Track Coaches Association.

According to its web page, "the CSC serves as a voice for the concerns of underrepresented college sports programs. Working with coaches associations and alumni groups the CSC hopes to preserve, promote, and expand opportunity to participate in college athletics for men and women. CSC believes that participation in competitive athletics should be in balance and consistent with the overall educational mission of the student athlete's academic institution."

Visitors to the web page can sign up to receive e-mail updates and alerts, as a regular CSC newsletter will be distributed to all interested citizens. All a person must do is provide their name, email address and other basic information, and the submit the information directly to the CSC web page.

Another important section on the web page is the "Take Action" area, which provides current opportunities for citizens to get involved. Currently, the "Take Action" page provides information on the upcoming Commission on Opportunities in Athletics Town Hall meetings in Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 22-23. also provides factual information about Title IX and the serious challenges of the enforcement of the law, which has caused a massive loss of sports opportunities on the college levels. In addition, complete information on the College Sports Council and its activities are also posted.

In the “Newsroom” section, visitors can view a variety of links to important articles and press materials concerning Title IX. There are three areas in the section: News Articles, Press Releases and Editorials. This information will be updated as the Title IX issue continues to move forward in the public forum.

Visitors are also provided an opportunity through the web page to make donations to the College Sports Council and its many activities on behalf of the sports community.

The College Sports Council is among the groups that have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education challenging the current enforcement procedures of Title IX. This lawsuit has received considerable coverage in the national media and has helped bring focus on the dramatic loss of athletic opportunities caused by current Title IX enforcement.


"Working together, people can make a big difference in educating their communities on this issue and collectively moving public opinion on a national scale," said Kocher. "People will be wise to not count on the government but instead take matters into their own hands. They can do this by going to and registering today."

For further information or assistance in contributing to the CSC, please contact: Jamie Moffatt, CSC Executive Director,